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Along the journey I met and formed teams with special people in different countries that achieved almost impossible project goals. The other mentors I have worked with over the four years have provided their time freely to the cause of helping businesses succeed. This is fantastic community support for the goal and I am honored to be surrounded by this special team of people.

I have made mistakes, including trusting people that have stolen, lied and wanted to hurt myself and the team members. Each of these negative people have taught me a lesson in life and these lessons I take into my training and deliver the knowledge to ensure others see the traps and do not repeat my mistakes. This time we have changed our approach and have a community of mentors helping businesses. This is exciting, tapping into the power of the world to deliver what people are hungry to learn. This is me. Thanks for reading.

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Kelvin is an extremely inspirational and capable Business Leader. A voice of change and innovation, Kelvin brought passion and creativity to every project, no matter what the size.

Roneel Prakash, Technical Manager at Commonwealth Bank


Kelvin Davis is a mentor as well as an educator. He aims for the best in his apprentice while the achievement comes out enormous. You will find him the best employer to lead your career to success.

Ronald Sharma, Manager ICT Support at Datec Fiji Limited

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