Wealth Mastery Advanced Training

Wealth Mastery Advanced Training

28-30 March 2019 The Sebel Maroochydore, QLD

Financial freedom is possible for everyone - regardless of your income.

Are you ready to be financially-free?

The Wealth Mastery Training is a course that has changed so many lives and resulted to millionaires and millionaires-in-the-making who are on their way to achieving financial freedom.

Kel's previous course in 2015 now has over 60% of the graduates becoming financially-free this year. 

Kel is bringing his inner circle of advisors to share the secrets that they use for him and their other wealthy clients. The knowledge and contents are life-changing.  

This is not just theory. Kel's workshop will help you create your future financial freedom roadmap and change your life.  

"Kelvin, my hat off to you! You totally changed [our] mindset from zero to 360. Totally."

- Karen Baldwin, Wealth Mastery Graduate


Kel Davis

One of Australia's leading Wealth Educators 

Kel Davis is a leading wealth educator, a celebrated author, an entrepreneur and investor.

His strong belief that there is more to life than just earning a living paved way to Wealth Mastery Pty Ltd, a company driven to educate people in the areas of business, wealth creation, wealth protection, time freedom and financial freedom. 

As someone who has been under the wing of some of the best business mentors in the world, Kelvin understands the importance of financial literacy and aims to share his knowledge through wealth education courses, workshops, books, and video trainings.  

He has mentored business owners and has penned a three-part book series that has guided hundreds of business owners to find the path to self-discovery, navigate the road towards success, and leveraging wealth to one’s enjoyment. “The Secret Road to Wealth”, “The Secret Keys to Business Wealth”, and “Accelerating Your Wealth” are must-read books for people who want to live their dreams.  

Day #1: Uncovering The Millionaire’s Mindset

For over four years, I taught business owners as a mentor and coach. Whether paid and a volunteer, I really enjoyed this role of helping my students stretch their minds. After working with hundreds of businesses, I observed the same patterns appear again and again. 

It is a well-trodden path, where some people repeat the same mistakes again and again, going in circles until they learn the lesson. Almost all of these businesses consume the owner’s time just like a ball and chain, locking them to their business. Fortunately, there is a better way and I achieved it, then showed others how to have a Freedom Lifestyle.  

On our first session, you will discover the feeling of FINANCIAL FREEDOM and create your MILLIONAIRE’S MIND. You will: 

• Discover what your financial freedom life looks like. • Identify your ‘Magic Number’ and roadmap. • Understand the ‘Rat Race’ and how to get out of it - FAST! • Learn how to smash your financial freedom barriers. • Plan your dream travel, dream home and bucket list. • Discover how to gain the millionaire’s mindset. • Demystify your ‘money numbers’.

Day #2: Legal And Ethical Tax Minimisation Strategies

Learning how to play the game of tax is not that difficult. The government wants to make you think that it is hard, but in truth it is fairly simple. Once you achieve a basic understanding on how the system works, you will discover that it is a game of rules and regulations. 

By simply understanding the rules, terms, and purpose, it becomes easier to comprehend. I will be simplifying these rules by using examples and explaining scenarios so you can learn the basic concepts. 

On our second session, you will learn LEGAL and ETHICAL way to be able to minimise your tax in various countries. You will: 

• Uncover the keys to accelerated wealth through Freedom Business. • Learn the legal and ethical tax secrets of the rich. • Discover how to make money while you sleep. • Financing deals made easy. • Secrets to selecting your right team. • Learn Kel’s property secrets. • Integrating a healthy lifestyle for you & your family.

Day #3: Accelerating And Protecting Your Wealth

All wealthy people I have met are business owners or investors with a strong business mindset. However, not all business owners are wealthy.  

Learning how to manage money in business gives valuable education, however, there is a second layer of education required, about creating and managing wealth. Creating wealth without consuming all your available time takes financial education and not just business education.  

A business set up the right way will give you independence, flexibility, power and leverage to create it for the sole purpose of allowing you to live your dream.  

On our last session, you will discover ASSET PROTECTION Strategies and how to set-up a dual company structure, maximising wealth and minimising the risks. You will:

• Learn the hidden secrets of money. • Forced equity demystified. • Infinite return formula exposed. • Barricade your wealth with asset protection strategies. • Create dual-strategies for maximising wealth. • Deep-dive into deal analysis. • Learn the 30-second property formula.

How Much Is Your Growth & Financial Freedom Worth?

My guess, it's priceless. You can't put a price tag to your growth and success.

Do you need to invest for your education? Absolutely! Even after reaching financial freedom, I still continue to invest in my wealth education and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Why? Because by learning from people who have 'done it' and 'made it', I'm able to take control of my financial journey and secure my future. By learning their strategies, I play the real-life financial game better and stronger.

Check out the success stories of our Wealth Mastery students in the videos below. Their success is possible for you too.

Success Stories

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