Wealth Mastery Essentials Training

Wealth Mastery Essentials Training

9-10 March 2019 The Sebel Maroochydore, QLD

Before we are financially-free, we all need a starting point and a space to understand the journey ahead.

Are you ready to be financially-free?

The ability to bring income to ourselves, without us doing the actual work is a feeling of freedom that is beyond the reality of most people. Being able to live a rich fulfilling life with the income covering all our expenses is just like ‘retirement’ at any age.  

I would like to share with you our business journey - from a dream, through creation, then startup, generating real cash flow, building systems and then finally implementing the Freedom Lifestyle.

In this course, you will learn the steps that I followed and I will share the tools that you can use to create your own dream, and then live it.

This is not just theory. The strategies that I used over the years has resulted to my students achieving financial freedom in Fiji, and now in Australia.

"Kelvin, my hat off to you! You totally changed [our] mindset from zero to 360. Totally."

- Karen Baldwin, Wealth Mastery Graduate


Kel Davis

One of Australia's leading Wealth Educators 

Kel Davis is a leading wealth educator, a celebrated author, an entrepreneur and investor.

His strong belief that there is more to life than just earning a living paved way to Wealth Mastery Pty Ltd, a company driven to educate people in the areas of business, wealth creation, wealth protection, time freedom and financial freedom. 

As someone who has been under the wing of some of the best business mentors in the world, Kelvin understands the importance of financial literacy and aims to share his knowledge through wealth education courses, workshops, books, and video trainings.  

He has mentored business owners and has penned a three-part book series that has guided hundreds of business owners to find the path to self-discovery, navigate the road towards success, and leveraging wealth to one’s enjoyment. “The Secret Road to Wealth”, “The Secret Keys to Business Wealth”, and “Accelerating Your Wealth” are must-read books for people who want to live their dreams.  

Day #1: Setting The Dream

What is TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM and what does it mean to you? We all have our different pictures of what a financially-free life is. Imagine a dream, or a situation where you no longer have a boss, you no longer have to work for an income, where your bills are paid automatically.

On our first session, you will discover the feeling of FINANCIAL FREEDOM and set you DREAM. You will: 

• Set your dream • Find and leverage your personal drivers • Learn about money flows • Rediscover your personal values  

Day #2: Learning The Language of the Wealthy

The wealthy speak a different language and they look at the world differently. What looks like an asset for most of us can be a liability for a wealthy person who knows his finances well.

On our second session, you will learn the LANGUAGE OF THE WEALTHY and why having a WEALTHY MINDSET is crucial for your financial freedom. You will:

• Learn the language of the wealthy and their mindset • Know the difference between an ‘asset and a liability’ • Understand your 'Magic Number' and the other figures that your should know • Understand what to invest in and why • Learn how to save the easy way  

Where Do You Start Your Journey?

I remember when my journey to financial freedom first started I would sit in my lounge chair at 2 to 3 in the morning thinking about the future and what it holds.

It was a constant worry, what happens if I am retrenched, or have an accident and cannot work. Then I made the decision to find a good mentor, someone who has 'made it' and is sharing his experiences and lessons out of passion (not for the commission he will get from me).

I started investing in my education. I've been mentored by the most successful business owners in the world and spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to learn their secrets. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Why? Because the journey to financial freedom starts with your education. Your success is heavily determined by what you know and how you apply these knowledge to real life.

If you lie awake at night or sitting in the dark worried about the future, there is a part to follow to relieve that horrible helpless feeling. I encourage you to take action and secure your future today.

Check out the success stories of our Wealth Mastery students in the videos below. Their success is possible for you too.

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