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Today my enjoyment comes from investing in property that generates positive cash flow over many, many years. This gives me the freedom and lifestyle I enjoy today. I consider this as one of the biggest leaps I made in my entrepreneurial journey. How did this come about?

I met people along the way who have helped me see better opportunities to create wealth. If you want to accelerate your success, you need to have mentors that can help you process the things that are happening around you. I am fortunate I had the chance to meet and be mentored by key business movers and shakers of my time – Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelright, Ken McElroy, Donald Trump, Kim Kiyosaki, just to name a few.

Their insights gave me a more accurate map of my route to success. Their guidance taught me the importance of education, of modeling yourself to people who are already successful in the lifestyle you are trying to achieve.

Start your journey towards business freedom. Get educated to acquire wealth!

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Karen and ken

I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done for us. Words can’t convey how lucky we are to have you as friends and business mentors.

Karen Baldwin, Operations Manager, Perform Better Australia


Kel Davis is a mentor as well as an educator. He aims for the best in his apprentice while the achievement comes out enormous. You will find him the best employer to lead your career to success.

Ronald Sharma, Manager ICT Support at Datec Fiji Limited

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