Electricity Cost

by Kel Davis

Electricity usage costs even after installing solar panels.

On the above graph you can see the date (May 2014) that solar panels were installed in our office.  The cost of electricity dropped immediately from over $700 to $434 in July 2014. The office usage has not changed, same number of people in Australia, with the same equipment.

The interesting thing to note is the slow increase of electricity prices ever quarter ending in April 2017 with a $463 from $547 in April 2013.  Meaning the $ value savings has really dropped to just $84.

Next I will be looking at the power usage (as identified in the reports) and comparing the quarterly usage.

In my third book – “Accelerating your Wealth“ I forecast that the electricity prices must continue to increase each year. New South Wales has just announced the wholesale price has increased by 57%. Retail prices must increase as a result of this change. I live in Queensland and will soon be off the grid, watching this spiraling cost increase.

I suggest business owners consider the cost of utilities like electricity and prepare for significant increases over the next 24 months.

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