Energy Crisis

by Kel Davis

Often, I wish it wasn’t so.

I warned last year that we are heading to an energy crisis and that the average person needs to prepare for

  • Higher electricity prices
  • Higher connection fees
  • Blackouts (load shedding)

The current government policies are not taking into consideration the speed of the changes to renewables and the infrastructure that will be required. I am concerned the population is not ready for the impact. at least you can be so looking at the actions you can take today.

The best options for any home owner is,

  • Home insulation
  • Energy efficient appliances – low power usage refrigerators
    • Including Air conditioning – using inverter control appliances
  • Fireplace for winter heating
  • Solar panels
  • Batteries (for solar system)
  • Backup generator 3 pin socket wired into your switchboard
    • Backup generator electric start (ex 4 KVA inverter generator)
    • Cost about $1,500 for peace of mind.
  • EV as a primary or secondary vehicle
    • The secret is to charge during the day
    • reduce your grid export, using your own generated electricity first.
    • note a BYD EV can supply 240V to the house for emergencies. (small power outlet)
  • efficient hot water heater

This is a form of investing in your future, by reducing living expenses. (saving long term costs)

Now others are giving the same warnings that I shared last year.

Thank you to those community members that have already taken action, preparing for the energy changes.