Insider Community Membership

by Kel Davis


I hear you.

I agree with many comments that the world of entrepreneurship and investing has changed significantly since my training in 2018 / 2019, and especially so in Australia.

Movement of people from the cities experiencing lockdown to beachside communities and country has distorted the property market challenging many early investors. Some towns with opportunities have closed their window, and new ones opened. Rental demand has skyrocketed in Queensland significantly distorting rental incomes and capital values. The movement from city to sea and tree change has accelerated.

It pains me to see the physical businesses hit so hard, with government mandating deadly blows, allowing business to sacrifice working capital just to remain operational. I fear that loss of reserves plus a market where customers have moved on. Meantime, ‘On line businesses’, like the Freedom Businesses we showed in the advanced training often survived or even expand during this time.

Yes I have listened to the challenges many graduates have faced, and like you when looking into the future, the challenges keep me awake at night. Wealth preservation is now a primary concern.

Sadly, the financial reset I wrote about in 2016 is now underway and I expect will continue over this decade. My mistake was that I expected the transition to be quick, and not a slow motion train wreck triggered by a global controlled government lockdown.

But here we all are and must face the new reality and adapt to preserve wealth and use the new opportunities as they arise.

Stepping Out (of retirement)

Personally I have enjoyed my 2 year freedom lifestyle with Marisa without any commitments, work or external responsibilities as once said to me, “we are living the dream’. (All be it without the continual international travel). Watching the sunrise every morning, I am grateful for the teachers and lessons received on my journey. Now my heart is telling me that the time has come to serve once again helping to elevate the financial wellbeing of humanity.

Marisa and I went into the market this week looking at opportunities and in one day discovered a positive cash flow property, with tenant in place, giving a rental yield of 9.8% in a town with extremely high rental demand. Marisa’s words always were, ‘when we go looking – we find opportunities’ and it was the same this week.

Business opportunities have evolved but in essence the same basic rules apply. Find the market need and deliver what they want. There are opportunities for the entrepreneur, the question is can you find them and quickly maximise these opportunities?

Like so many others I have experienced posts and videos removed from social media – reason is Censored! Was my content controversial? It was explaining historical events, something I talked about for years and a few years ago had multiple video’s published, but now ‘banned content’. History has not changed, just censorship and social media control.


I have listened to the comments from members, graduates, insiders and understand your concerns that without a supporting community around, the Financial Freedom pathway is challenging in this dynamic environment. Preserving wealth is a concern that has jumped to top of mind.

To serve you again, I have opened up the ‘Wealth Mastery Community’ to give communication, education, opportunities, updates and live Q & A so we can share the knowledge with special guest advisors and deals. These catch ups will be via zoom, with recordings available for the community to review on my website.

Marisa and I have scheduled a bi monthly zoom call where we share lessons, ideas and opportunities with members. We look at your concerns and introduce our advisory team members with specialist knowledge and experience. These lessons are the strategies I use and live by, not just theoretical book lessons. This insider community is allowing you access to the real ideas, education and strategy that I use, yes including crypto without censorship.

Also as a lot of you know, I tend to research history and take the complicated jargon into a simple language so that everyone in this community can follow Marisa and I on better understand what the future holds.

Book these dates in your diary:

October 2021 dates / times:

  • 5th October @ 7:00 PM
  • 19th October @ 7:00 PM

The membership contribution is $99 / month.

You can join at any time and leave at any time and if the interest grows as time goes by we might be able to meet in person again.

Facts remain that creating a freedom lifestyle starts with education, creating a plan and taking action. This is YOUR plan, where you are the captain of your ship. You will be taking responsibility with the assistance and support of this community.

This community of likeminded people share the experience they learnt on their journey.

The door is now open – please join me on the dates above so that we can all grow together.