New Insider Community

by Kel Davis

My friends,

After a 2 year break I have sat and watched the world transform into a new period of turmoil.

From the pandemic, interest rates falling to a historic low, property prices skyrocketing (in some areas) and the mass migration of people from cities into the rural and beachside communities.

I have also watched the world financial system start the debt balloon stage, as part of the change of currencies that i wrote about in  2015-2016. Sadly i am witnessing this play out now, although a lot slower than in originally expected. The amount if new currency printed, and subsequent debt is phenomenal.

I have listened to the concern raised by so many, and decided to once again educate about the global financial trends and how to navigate this new landscape.

So please join me in the insider community where i can share my observations, thoughts and strategies in a protected environment. I cannot share this sensitive information in the public space, due to the censorship in place by social media and government restrictions.

Please join me as i share my observations, opportunities and ideas.

Kel Davis