Playing the Cash Flow Game

by Kel Davis

Are you playing the cash Flow board game?

Great to hear that you are investing in your financial education.

Like Robert, I recommend playing this game multiple times until you can get out of the “Rat Race” in 45 minutes (or less) using any game card.

If you are playing the ON LINE version use this link. 

Here is a message from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Ready to start playing this game?

Here are your starting instructions.

Congratulations you are out of the rat race! Now the second stage begins, the fast track.

Marisa and I played this game in real life, with shares, property and fast track deals.

This game condenses 10 years of learning into a few hours.  An essential learning tool. I acknowledge Robert Kiyosaki and Richdad for creating this game,  giving people financial education.

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Kel Davis