The Secret Road to Wealth Creation: Time to Live your Dreams

by Kel Davis

Why do some people effortlessly achieve wealth, while others struggle with no cash left at the end of the week? Wealth creation is easy when you know the direction.

The secret road to wealth gives you the creating wealth roadmap the rich use to generate freedom and cash flowing into their pockets every single day. This book will teach you how to generate money and wealth with simple easy to follow steps;

  • Crystalize your dreams
  • Discover your inspiration, then leverage it
  • Set your income, without working for it
  • Recognize the pension trap
  • Explode the myth ‘time for money’
  • Understand what creates your reality
  • Master the inner game of wealth
  • Reveal the money making machines

Kelvin created a freedom business, one that produces money without the owner’s time. Then he replicated this same model in his clients businesses, creating freedom and cash flow for the owners. You walk beside Kelvin and his clients as they share lessons learnt on every step of their journeys.

Instead of relying on government false promises, create the life you always dreamed of.

A preview of this book is available.

Secret Road to Wealth Creatio
The Secret Road to Wealth Preview

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation starts with setting your personal goals, what you want to achieve. The journey is then recorded so you can tick of each milestone, goal and dream as they become true. Nothing is more exciting or gives a better feeling than standing in your dream, putting your hands int eh air and say, “I did it, and now I am living my dream“.

You can learn the journey customers have gone on to live their dreams that includes creating wealth of their own.

This book will help you if employed, or about to commence your own part time business. Start with teh end wealth creation and freedom goals in mind first, to you know when you reach the dream.

Enjoy your journey,

Kelvin Davis

AUD $35.00