The Currency Race To The Bottom

by Kel Davis

In 2015,  I wrote about the coming war. This is a currency-manipulated trade war.

At that time, it was considered impossible, and I appeared ‘crazy’ for making this prediction and publishing it. But then Donald Trump came to power and the world changed. Worldwide we are  all continuing a ‘currency race to the bottom’ as each country is trying to devalue faster than the others.

I warned that a trade war will be felt this decade but I did not know the start or end dates. So don’t be fooled, it’s not over yet and just starting to get a whole lot worse.

One of the potential impacts of this trade war was to all ‘paper investments’ including the stock markets. These shockwaves are now being felt, superannuation and pensions are next.

Sadly there is more to come as another of my predictions has just come true (read the news below).

If you have read my books, I suggest you take action now.

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