The GreyNomads at The Farm

by Kel Davis

Day one and we have arrived at our lifestyle farm spending the first night in the rain.  The rain has not stopped, so Marisa lit the fire to keep us warm with the outside temperature between 11 – 14 degrees.

Two chickens attacked the garden bed overnight, they went wild living on the property after running away from the previous occupant. This morning I saw one of the two culprit’s slowly giving chase. On the wet grass trying my best not to slip running after this large female bird. This chicken suddenly took flight, landing about 30 meters away down the hill. I stood for a moment realising this will all be a new learning experience all around. The end result, “chicken one & kelvin zero” said Marisa laughing away at my antics. A few lessons on day one,

  1. I did not know chicken could fly that distance
  2. This is new definition of ‘free range’ chickens
  3. I have so much to learn

Our chicken coup is empty, so now begins my exercise of learning how to outsmart a wild ‘free range’ chicken.

In the meantime it is back to the fireplace, resting, sleeping while watching the rain fall outside.