The GreyNomads in Philippines Part 2

by Kel Davis

This year’s trip to Legazpi, Philippines would not be complete without a visit to  the beach. Marisa and I totally love surfing. And we joined the Greymouse  Philippines Team for their annual company summer outing.

We had a game to break the ice, it was called land mine. The team was divided into three, where members of each team  will race through the track with blindfolds on. The remaining team members will give the instructions and they have to make sure not to let them touch the land mine. It was pretty exciting and the competition was undeniably strong.

Boodle fight is a Filipino tradition adapted from the Philippine Military Academy where people would gather around a long table  where foods and rice are scattered over banana leaves and you’ll eat it with bare hands.

I will never forget this wonderful journey with Marisa and the Greymouse Philippines Team.