The GreyNomads in Philippines Part 1

by Kel Davis

Home to 7,000 tropical islands and world-renowned beaches, Philippines speaks wonder and true beauty.

Marisa and I are so excited to visit Legazpi City again – a dauntless city in the south of Luzon, Philippines’ massive main island. This city is always close to our hearts not because of its stunning view and amazing people, but because one of our off-shore offices is located there. We have seen our team grow and amass great skills through time. Needless to say, we are grateful for their dedication and passion at work.

Our visit in this tropical island would not be complete without the early walks I share with Marisa. And of course our team enthusiastically joined us to start the day right climbing the Ligñon Hill before heading to work.

After sitting for about 8 hours a day in our office, we always make sure to take a breather and appreciate nature. Marisa enjoyed strolling the Legazpi Boulevard at Puro, Legazpi City.

As the Sun waves goodbye, it paints the sky with pastel hue that marks the end of an awesome day and a beginning of new one.

This is the definition of work for me. This is my own freedom lifestyle.