War Against Freedom

by Kel Davis

War is declared on your freedom, cash, cryptocurrencies and gold coins.

Legislation is about to be passed in Australia (August 2019) making it illegal for you to complete a cash transaction greater than $10,000. The strategy is then to follow Europe’s lead reducing the amount to $5,000 and then $2,000.

Digital currencies (crypto) and gold and silver coins are also in the firing line in this legislation, but will be exempt in the short-term. However this temporary exemption can be easily removed (without parliamentary approval), making these items illegal to transact.

The IMF has instructed the worlds banks to prepare for the economic downturn by passing legislation locking the population in. In this environment anyone holdings savings (in the bank) and cash (outside the bank) will be penalised (refer to the link below).

The reason for this legislation is to prepare for negative interest rates on savings, where the banks will charge to store your savings. Why? They want you to spend! If you can store cash outside the banking system, it defeats the purpose of negative savings interest rates. Therefore this legislation is necessary before the interest rates go lower. The policy is outlined in the link below.

In Chapter 4 of my book Accelerating your Wealth, I explained about government-controlled money and where the global monetary policy is headed to negative ranges. In this new world situation, borrowers who invest (like in property or business) will perform better than traditional savers. I warned the world’s currency systems will change before the end of this decade, and shared my strategy of moving wealth click here from savings to tangible assets. I also gave a series of actions that anyone can do to prepare for these changes. In my book I explained that savers of currencies (money) will be in trouble but investors in cash flow, and tangible primary assets will be protected against this change (note: this is an advanced strategy).

Sadly my prediction in 2015 (written in my book Accelerating your Wealth) is now being enacted worldwide, hitting Australian shores in August 2019.

What will it be like when freedoms are removed, cash is impacted, and prices increase? Recently I produced a video interview with Jeremy Britton about the crisis that happened in Zimbabwe. I am not saying the same thing will happen in Australia, or other country, but the supporting legislation necessary to follow this path is now at Australian shores.

I do not know exactly how this will play out, but you must become educated, keeping your eyes open to prepare for your immediate future.

I am sharing more information about this during my essentials and advanced training in August 2019 so attendees can ask me any questions as I uncover this as one of the topics.

If you cannot attend the training, and unsure about what is coming, then read the treasury announcements, evidence from the international Monetary Fund or watch the video where Martin North and John Adams explain the legislation. Facts are below to educate yourself and make your plans.