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Loan Agreements

The loan agreements we previously supplied are no longer suitable as the states and countries have changed their legislation. As a result, loan agreements are now dependent on 1/ which countries are involved 2/ which state you live in, (QLD, NSW, VIC etc) 3/ where the trust & corporate trustee is residing. This web site …

Personal Goal Planner

This is like an organizer that aims to put your dreams into reality. More particularly it aims to organize your personal goals which is more based on the means of your living, holidays – how much time you want and need to spend some time off on certain occasions. The location, place you want to …

Employee Expense Claim

The Employee Expense Claim is a systematic spreadsheet that aims to organize and prioritize the employees’ expenses. The nature of expense in the spreadsheet are primary needs. By means, a detailed breakdown of expenses to track down the exact amount needed for budgeting. Download the Template

Employee Timecards

The Employee Timecard is used to systematically track the employees rendered hours, under time and overtime. It aims to automatically provide accurate job time description for both employees and employers. Download the Template

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minute’s template is a detailed summary table that can help you organize the time, venue of the meeting and the consumed minutes to discuss every topic. Moreover it allows you to organize and action details for the planning. In addition, it contains the info regarding of who is responsible in carrying out the …