Grow Together Or Grow Apart

by Kel Davis

Studying together with your partner is a key to success.

Kim and Robert Kiyosaki both told me that “couples either grow together or grow apart.”

When Marisa and I started our journey, we decided that all the training will be done together. We shared every training course, no matter what! That was our deal.

When Marisa attended a tax summit training with me, she was not impressed! For the first hour, she was worried about the content, but then she discovered how much she really knew. The three full days reinforced our strategy, corporate structures, compliance and communication. We remained ‘on the same page’ for every business change after that, and we both can communicate the accounting, tax and legal languages.

Then there was the capital raising summit, with Sean Soole and Kerwin Rae.

I still remember one of the presenters asked the audience of over 100 business owners, “Who could go away form their business for six months or more and have it running when you got back?”

Since we just arrived back from an extended holiday, Marisa and I quickly shot our hands up! We were both thrilled after returning from Europe with the business was stronger than before.

Then I slowly turned around looking all around the room. No other hands went up that day. Hmm, I quietly said to Marisa “look around the room”. That day remains burnt into my memory. We had a Freedom Business, which worked without us, because of all our previous intensive training with Robert, Chris Howard, Brendon Nichols and so many advisors. We both learned the language that allowed us to think differently.


We started the business on day one with the goal of a ‘Freedom Business’ in mind and wrote it into the business plan.

Training allowed us to communicate at a different level with a different language. We use our ‘tax & accounting language’ with partners in accounting firms, financing language at capital raising or banking meetings, legal language and structures with our solicitor, our mission, purpose and code of conduct in team building language plus more is added to our vocabulary every time we train.

We are both not the specialists, but we learnt the language to speak to the professionals at their level. Meetings with our advisors are never boring. Instead they are quick, informative and our advisors are always grateful we took the time to learn the language.

Trainings that taught us the specific industry languages was a stepping stone on our journey.

To this day, all decisions we make are made as a couple, discussing, analysing and looking at every deal or opportunity. She always looks at things slightly differently and I value this perspective. Marisa must be satisfied on paper that the deal is good, before we proceed. Training allowed us to focus on the same goal using the language we both learnt.


Then the shoe goes on the other foot!

I attended the yoga and fasting training in the sunshine coast, and Koh Samui (Thailand) with Marisa. I must admit that I prefer the financial and investing training over 21 day fasting, with daily yoga classes, but a deal is a deal we did our training together!

I encourage you to work as a team, reading the same financial education books, watch the same training videos and attend the same training. That way you remain on the same page and enjoying the journey as a couple.

As Robert said, “you either grow together or grow apart”.

 PS: Daily yoga sessions were not that bad after all.