‘Off-Grid’ Living

by Kel Davis

Sustainable living, ‘off-grid’ is becoming more attractive to me. Many others are now also waking up to the difference available to the traditional ‘suburban lifestyle’. The option of living the ‘freedom lifestyle’ has been in the planning stage for a few years so it is now time.

The reasons why I am interested in living ‘off the grid are’:

  • I dislike dealing with arrogant Australian electricity providers
  • I no longer trust government legislation and politicians
  • Mandatory bills (like water supply) are constantly above inflation I expect this to continue
  • Peace and quiet, space to create
  • Independence, Freedom, Lifestyle
  • Organic food garden
  • Minimize my personal environmental impact
  • A goal is to have the only external ‘government controlled expenses’ as local council land rates

This news article shows that others are also interested in this type of lifestyle living.

You have a choice to live ‘off the grid’ now or continue living in  the same lifestyle we ought to be.