Time and Money Freedom: The Key To Traveling The World

by Kel Davis

Traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy life to the fullest. But traveling also costs a lot of money. And then it demands time – there is just no way around that. The ideal arrangement is to have enough money to go to trips abroad and then having enough free time to actually do that. But most people are tied up with work. Time-for-money is the idea behind income. Many entrepreneurs are also tied with their businesses. While they have people under their employ, their business cannot move forward without them on the helm.

So how can you travel freely without worrying about time and money?

Passive income in properties

One of the best investments to have passive income for yourself is property investment, rental property to be exact. This is not a typical get-rich-quick idea but it is very sustainable. This is long term investment but the passive income it gives you every month could be more than enough to fund your trips for a lifetime.

Start small with property investment. Look for specific deals that you think fetches the best value for your money. Do not get easily discouraged if you do not have the cash. Look for a loan if the property you are after can pay for itself. If that won’t work, start saving money and be ready for the next good deal. The good thing about property investment is that it gets easier over time. Start small, learn as much as you can and then grow your rental portfolio.

The good thing about rental property? You do not have to work as hard for every dollar you get out from it. This is time and money freedom!

Virtual workforce

Is your business not giving you enough time for yourself? Many entrepreneurs especially those who are managing start-ups are often tied down to their ventures. The influx of new business can easily strangle even the most seasoned self-employed person. What can you do to free some time? Hire a virtual assistant!

VA’s can help you with a myriad of tasks – from taking calls to answering emails, writing articles, managing your social media, to making sure your schedule is organized well. With this kind of support, you can take it easy and travel the world!

Business systems

Not all businesses are structured the same. While many business owners got into business to have more freedom with their time, they often find themselves working longer hours as entrepreneurs. It is not the business per se but how it is built up.

Freedom business are built on systems. It moves forward based on procedures and guidelines. The entrepreneur does not manage people (because people come and go), instead they focus their attention in building the system that runs the business.

This approach allows you to have an earning business without dedicating all your time to it. This opens up the possibility of travel-all-you-want!