One of our investment properties caught up in the native title claim area

by Kel Davis


I am now on the receiving end of this native title claims push.

One of our properties is located at Victoria point, (Redlands City Council – RCC). this is the council that will be required to defend the native title claims from ratepayers money. (including me) . I have owned the property since 2007 and helped fund the development of parks, sporting playgrounds and amenities through rates and contributions via the council.

These assets and facilities are under threat.

While at this point in time, the claims do not include private titles of property, the council must fund this in federal courts from ratepayers money. That means that I am part of the defense against this claim.

Suddenly this type of claim has become very personal.

Review the news post here: ‘What’s off limits?’: Native title claims hit thousands of popular community sites (

Video is downloaded and available here, (in case of censorship restrictions)

I am not happy about this forced wastage of money, by the Redland shire council.