Uluru – Statement from the Heart

by Kel Davis

This post is for anyone living in Australia, wanting to look at a read facts.

All the population received a Yes – No voting assistance card in the post. I contacted the electrol commission and said that since I always read the terms and conditions before deciding on any contract or arrangement, I wanted to read the statement from the heart, Uluru document. 

The support team, and management could not assist as the document is not available for anyone to read themselves and review.

I contacted a number of friends, and eventually received under Freedom of Information, request a copy of the statement from the heart.

As it took so long to obtain, I have republished the original PDF document on my web site for anyone else that wants to know the truth about what is contained within this statement.


Download this document (as suppled by the Freedom of Information request) and read it for yourself before deciding on how you wish to vote.

As always I try to go on facts, not emotions.

Kel Davis