The GreyNomads in Whitsunday Islands

by Kel Davis

One of my favorite places is Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands.

The white sandy beaches, clear blue water and bright blue sky’s make this place a paradise. Marisa and I wrote the visit in our personal plan and then travelled with friends staying in Hamilton Island for a week completing day tours and excursions.

While we are there, we met a business owner that just took his first week holidays from running his business in over 25 years. It was so sad to hear that it already cost his marriage, access to his children led him down a path of regret for the years wasted and lost opportunities. Like a midlife crisis this forced changes that he was not prepared for and now regretting.

Everyone chooses their path in life and what they learn or do not learn. Unfortunately this choice often impacts the loved ones closes to us.

I truly treasure the businesses that allow up to live this Freedom Lifestyle. I believe EVERY business owner has the chance to live this type of lifestyle if only they receive the right education to start off. There is a way to enjoy this lifestyle, the knowledge is already available and people ‘choose’ to use it or not.

In the end it is every person’s choice, and I know I chose to live a lifestyle of freedom. You can join me in living this freedom lifestyle simply by reading and learning the rules of the game.